Just Ham (2017-) constitutes an ongoing exploration of the ideas and boundries between structure, narrative and improvisation. Composer, musician and close friend Peter Bell uses a combination of interactive systems such as live coding and Pure Data patching to manipulate and process the sounds coming from my Digital / Analogue modular setup. Meanwhile, I am manipulating and processing the sounds coming from his electric guitar and Organelle.

Just Ham looks into two areas of performance; live and pre-recorded. The live performances have a strong focus on aethetics, using big projections that allow audience members a bird's eye view of what is happening on the table. Alongside the camera footage, generative computer 'Sol leWittesque' visuals accompany the sound. The pre-recorded performances tend to be more focused and smaller in scale. It is here where we explore intricate and subtle soundworlds that vary in length, structure and objective.


  • 251118 / ORT, The Old Print Works, Birmingham
  • 290518 / The Moog Lab, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire*
  • 060318 / Centrala, Art cafĂ©, Birmingham
  • 120218 / Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
  • 080417 / The Electric, Birmingham
* Livestream