Tin Men and the Telephone

Tin Men in Birmingham

In November, I had the pleasure of working with Tin Men and the Telephone during their residency at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. The aim of the four-day residency was to develop some of the band’s pre-existing material, as well as explore some new ideas that could be added to their set. Both Graeme Rose and myself worked as ‘creative advisors’, offering creative input in our fields. Graeme, who is a fantastic Birmingham based actor and director, focused predominantly on the audience / band interaction and participation elements, whereas I focused on the live electronics and modular synthesiser instruments within the band.

“Tin Men and the Telephone are an Amsterdam based band that employs live electronics, projected visuals, and audience participation (via a specially created app) in combination with jazz and improvised music to create a one of a kind multimedia experience. At the heart of their music is a commitment to bringing audiences into the musical performance itself with audiences at their shows actively take part in their performances in real time via a special app. Voting on what direction the music should take next, sending short audio or video messages that serve as the basis for instant compositions, creating beats for the band to play around with, even controlling the stage lighting. They want audiences to help them create new ways of making music by getting involved in the journey from the ‘ideas’ stage working towards the creation of new work and/or ways of working, whilst having fun in the process.”

Tin Men and the Telephone will be returning to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in February.



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